Our Objectives

CFA's mission is to protect lives and property with a vision of working together with communities to keep Victorian's safe from fire and other emergencies. Maiden Gully Fire Brigade will contribute to this by:

  1. Providing an efficient and effective operational capability through:
    • Meeting CFA service delivery standards.
    • Responding with the appropriate mix of trained personnel and vehicles to all incidents.
    • Maintaining, testing and updating firefighting equipment.
    • Working together with other CFA Brigades and emergency agencies.
  2. Working with the Maiden Gully community, in partnership with CFA, to build and strengthen Maiden Gully as a self-reliant, resilient community through the treatments in our Risk Assessment Plan. These include:
    • Being an active member of our Community.
    • Contributing to all MGPA Newsletters and other local newsletters promoting CFA and Brigade messages.
    • Maintaining and expanding our Brigade Website.
    • Hosting at least two community education activities.
    • Reviewing all Risk Treatments and Pre-plans.
    • Supporting the introduction of Youth in CFA.
  3. Providing Brigade members the opportunity to achieve and maintain appropriate skill levels that will enable them to maximise their potential. This will Improve the safety and capability through:
    1. Participating in CFA training courses to achieve the following targets numbers:

      Low Structure & Hazmat ID 30
      Breathing Apparatus 21
      Respond to Urban Fire 18
      Crew Leader at Small Incidents 10
      Medium Rigid Licence 20
    2. Maintaining and enhancing firefighting skills through our Annual Training Program that is guided by our Risk Assessment Plan.
  4. Providing cost effective and efficient delivery of the business services with specific emphasis on:
    • Meeting all CFA requirements for administration and financial activities.
    • Conducting a range of income producing activities to support the operation of the Brigade and its future development.
    • Providing quality Fire Equipment Maintenance to clients in Maiden Gully and surrounding areas.
    • Fostering the community partnership with Maiden Gully IGA and Maiden Gully UFS Pharmacy.
    • Encouraging opportunities for Support Group activities.
    • Reducing our impact on the environment by minimising energy and resource use.
  5. Planning for the Future:
    • Having a pumper allocated to the Brigade on a permanent basis.
    • Improve member amenities at Fire Station.
    • Build a membership base that is representative of our community.

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