In An Emergency Dial 000

When Maiden Gully Fire Brigade was formed in 1998, we began with an obsolete International Tanker, some hoses, branches and a few adaptors. Today in keeping pace with the growth of the area, the brigade is operating with four modern firefighting vehicles carrying technically advanced fire firefighting equipment. This has only been achieved through the proactive approach of both the Brigade and CFA with strong community support in funding additional units. More equipment from neighbouring brigades including an aerial appliance is only minutes away.


Pumpers are designed for structural fires where a continuous volume of water and specialist firefighting equipment is required. It has a large pump to provide firefighting water from its tank, an open water source or street mains. The need for a pumper to address the growing structural risk in Maiden Gully was recognised over 10 years ago. From 2008, we began housing spare pumpers (used as replacements when other pumpers breakdown or require service) to give our crews experience with this type of vehicle. This also provided the necessary structural firefighting capacity as long as the pumper was not in use elsewhere.

Maiden Gully Pumper 1

A Light Pumper was finally allocated to the Brigade in late 2017 and has significantly boosted our structural firefighting capabilities both locally and in assisting our neighbouring communities.

Vehicle Type CFA Light Pumper
Crew Size 5
Built 2011 by Varley Specialised Vehicles
Delivered November 2017
Cab Chassis Hino 816 Crew Cab
Power Plant 4.0 litre Hino diesel
Transmission Hino A860E, 6 speed automatic gearbox
Communications Tait TM 9155 Mobile & two Tait TP9100 Portables
Water Capacity 1200 litres with 100 litres B class foam
Pump Rosenbauer N-25 single stage, centrifugal PTO pump
Pump Capacity 2,500 litres per minute at 1000 kPa
Ladders 7m triple extension, 5m combination
Other Equipment Centrally mounted telescopic light mast


In Australian fire terminology, a Tanker is a fire truck that carries its own supply of water and can deliver the water onto a fire while mobile. They can pump from open water or street mains directly onto a fire and can be used to relay water to other firefighting units. Water capacity can vary from 400 litres (Ultra Light) through to 4000 litres (Heavy). Tankers are primarily designed for fighting grass and bushfires but are often fitted with extra lockers and equipment for structural fires and other incidents, which was the case at Maiden Gully until a pumper was allocated in 2011.

Maiden Gully Tanker 1 - Medium Tanker

For our first two years, we were allocated a succession of International tankers that were at the end of their operational life. A significant boost came in 1999 with a second-hand Isuzu 2.2D Tanker that served as our primary turnout appliance until replaced with a new Hino 2.4C Tanker in 2013 This was again updated in 2016. CFA's 2.4C Medium Tankers have increased the Brigade’s capability and incorporate features such as four-wheel drive, crew-cab, front mounted electric monitor and modern stowage and equipment.

Vehicle Type CFA Medium (2.4C) Tanker
Crew Size 5
Built 2015 by SEM, Ballarat
Delivered January 2016
Cab Chassis Hino 1322 GT 500 (4x4)
Power Plant 7.684 litre Hino J08E-VE six cylinder diesel
Transmission 5 speed Allison 2500 automatic
Communications Tait TM 9155 Mobile & two Tait TP9100 Portables
Water Capacity 2350 litres with A class foam capability
Pump GAAM Mk 300D two stage centrifugal pump, powered by a Hatz diesel engine with an output of 900 litres per minute at 700 kPa
Pressure Pump Comet TW 7036 piston pump (Ultra-High Pressure) powered by a Isuzu diesel engine
Ladders 5m combination

Maiden Gully Tanker 2 - Light Tanker

Standard tankers have difficulty accessing the dry sclerophyll forest that makes up more than 60% of the Brigade’s area. A small tanker can get in quickly, locate the fire and contain it. Our Toyota Land Cruiser Slip-On Unit met this need from 2003 and following a successful application through the 2011 Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program (VESEP), it was replaced with a Light Tanker. This design represents a major upgrade in firefighting capacity from the Slip-On Unit with better stowage, greater crew safety, more water and a modern delivery system but retaining the ability to access local bush areas.

Vehicle Type CFA 1.2.4D Light Tanker
Crew Size 3
Built 2012 by SEM, Ballarat
Delivered December 2012
Cab Chassis Isuzu NPS300 NH series four-wheel drive
Power Plant 5.2 litre turbo charged diesel
Transmission 5 speed manual gearbox
Communications Tait TM 9155 Mobile & Tait TP9100 portable
Water Capacity 1200 litres with A class foam capability
Pump GAAM Mk 150 Single stage centrifugal pump, powered by Lombardini diesel. Rated at 450 litres per minute at 700 kPa
Pump Capacity 950 litres per minute at 1100 kPa

Support Vehicles

Fire Brigades operate a wide range of vehicles that support emergency operations by transporting specialist equipment and extra personnel as well as for incident command. These vehicles may also be used for personnel transport to meetings and training, fire community safety events, equipment maintenance and fundraising.

Maiden Gully Field Command Vehicle - FCV

The introduction of a Toyota Slip-On in 2003 provided us with a firefighting vehicle that could also carry out support roles despite having limited seating capacity. To maintain this capability once the Slip-On was decommissioned, the Brigade purchased a Ford Ranger Crew Cab with a canopy. With the support of CFA it was upgraded to a Field Command Vehicle in January 2015 by the provision of additional radios. This vehicle has been fully funded by community contributions and local fundraising.

Vehicle Type Crew Cab Utility
Crew Size 5
Built 2013 by Ford
Delivered May 2013
Cab Chassis Ford PX Ranger four-wheel drive
Power Plant 3.2 litre turbo charged diesel
Transmission 6 speed manual gearbox
Communications 2 Tait TM 9155 Mobiles (fireground & command), Trunking radio & Tait TP9100 portable

Past Vehicles

Isuzu 2.2D Tanker

Built at the CFA's Ballarat Vehicle Manufacturing Plant in 1989, this unit was initially allocated to the Scoresby Fire Brigade in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges. After a major overhaul at the CFA’s Kangaroo Flat Workshop, it was handed over to Maiden Gully on September 12th, 1999 and remained in use until June 2013. After 24 years of service (14 at Maiden Gully), it was disposed of by the CFA at auction.

Vehicle Type CFA 2.2D Tanker
Crew Size 6
Built 1989 at CFA Manufacturing Plant, Ballarat
Delivered September 1999 from Scoresby Fire Brigade
Cab Chassis Isuzu FSR 12 FRA series two wheel drive
Power Plant 6.5 litre Isuzu 6BGI diesel
Transmission 6 speed manual gearbox
Communications Tait TM 9155 Mobile & two Tait TP9100 Portables
Water Capacity 2000 litres with A class foam capability
Pump AAM Mk 250 two stage centrifugal pump, powered by a Lombardini diesel engine
Pump Capacity 580 litres per minute at 700 kPa
Ladders 5m double extension, 5m combination

Slip-on Unit - Ultra Light Tanker

This is a small fire tanker consisting of a standard one tonne four-wheel drive with a firefighting module (400 litre tank, pump and other fire suppression tools) that can be slipped onto the tray when required. It is crewed by two firefighters to perform first attack on spot sized/remote/difficult to access fires. The need for a small four-wheel drive tanker was first identified in the Brigade’s Risk Analysis in 1999. In 2000, the Brigade built the Slip-On module based on the DSE design and mounted it in a trailer. After significant fundraising, a successful application was made in 2002 to the Government’s Community Safety Emergency Support Program (CSESP) for matching funds to purchase a Toyota Land Cruiser Cab Chassis and fit the Slip-On module. It was officially commissioned in March 2003 and updated with a new cab-chassis and foam system in 2005. The introduction of this second firefighting vehicle in 2003 added enormously to the flexibility of operation of the brigade through enhanced fire suppression capability, providing personnel transport, supporting fire equipment maintenance and other brigade activities. With the arrival of the Light Tanker, the Slip-On was sold privately in March 2013.

Vehicle Type Slip-On (now known as an Ultra Light Tanker)
Crew Size 2
Built 2005 Toyota; firefighting module by MGFB in 2000
Delivered 2005
Cab Chassis Toyota Land Cruiser 78 four-wheel drive
Power Plant 6-cylinder diesel
Transmission 5 speed manual gearbox
Communications Tait TM 9100 Mobile & Tait TP9100 portable
Water Capacity 400 litres with A class foam capability
Pump Regent 3PKT pump powered by a 5hp Honda petrol engine

Fire Equipment

Our trucks carry a broad range of equipment including:

  • 4 MSA G1 Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (CABA) sets
  • 6 spare CABA Cylinders
  • Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)
  • 4 Chemical Suits
  • 2 Automated External Defibrillators (on Pumper 1 and Tanker 1)
  • Tempest Positive Pressure Fan
  • 2 Hotspotter heat detectors
  • 4 Remote Area Lighting Units (Scene Lighting)
  • Stihl Chainsaw
  • Salvage and forcible entry equipment
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Hand tools such as mops, brooms, rakehoes, shovels and axes
  • Over 1000m of fire hose – 65, 64, 38 and 25mm in diameter